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Welcome to The Pink House

My goal is to offer an array of treatments that build a holistic approach to healing the Mind, Body & Spirit. We all know that if one is out of whack, so are the others. Head-to-toe wellness is essential to creating the energy and focus that you want in your life.

Starting from the top,  I offer a non-clinical, safe and informal atmosphere in which you can openly discuss any issue that is causing you worry, frustration, depression or pain. Whether you are suffering from insomnia, over-eating, anxiety, emotional blockages, low energy, career, family or money worries, there is a way to a brighter, hopeful, and more purposeful future. Using an array of therapy methods adapted to your personal profile and needs, we’ll quickly get you on track to being your best “you” and living the life you are meant to lead.

If you prefer to simply learn which form of Meditation fits best into your life and how to use it to serve your needs, then this is a perfect foundation. Reflexology and Chronic Pain Management, combined with traditional herbal treatments provide the rest. As all of these disciplines often over-lap, you tend to get a bit of everything in your sessions!

Linda Johnson-Bell

  • SNHS Dip. (Psychotherapy & Counselling)
  • B.A. International Relations, CPE (Law), PGDLaw (Oxilp)
  •, Oxford and Pembrokeshire





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